At Whose Expense?

Fairview’s impact on the people of Minnesota.

What Fairview says our community needs

  • Mental Health and Well Being
  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Access to Care and Resources

What Fairview does

  • Closes ER in St. Paul
  • Closes Maternity Center in St. Paul
  • Closes Long Term Acute Care, leaving only 1 remaining LTAC facility in MN
  • Reduces inpatient mental health services, forcing patient to travel further for care

In 2018, Fairview conducted what is called a Community Health Needs Assessment for Bethesda Hospital. Through this process, Fairview gathered demographic and health data in order to “understand the needs of the Bethesda community.”

Hospital advisory council recommended the following as Bethesda’s and St. Joseph’s 2018 CHNA priority needs:

  • Mental health and well-being
  • Healthy lifestyles
  • Access to care and services

Through the CHNA process, Fairview laid out a plan to address the established priority needs at Bethesda in a 3-year implementation strategy. Various community stakeholder groups were consulted throughout the process and contributed to the CHNA.

Fairview made commitments to helping the communities they serve with these needs, and specifically laid out the demographic of their patient population. With the closing of both Bethesda and St. Joseph’s, the future of access to care for these populations is uncertain:

Bethesda Hospital Community – Race
Year 2018 2023
Total Population 415,297 429,905
White 313,872 75.6% 316,791 73.7%
Black/African American 40,140 9.7% 44,686 10.4%
American Indian/Alaskan Native 2,556 0.6% 2,643 0.6%
Asian 30,421 7.3% 34,511 8.0%
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander 216 0.1% 217 0.1%
Some other Race Alone 12,231 2.9% 13,207 3.1%
Two or More Races 15,861 3.8% 17,850 4.2%

SOURCE: Claritas 2018

Bethesda Hospital Community – Age
Total Population415,297429,905
Ages 0-1792,77922.3%94,63022.0%
Ages 18-44156,62737.7%157,72536.7%
Ages 45-64108,38426.1%106,99924.9%
Ages 65 and older57,50713.8%70,55116.4%

SOURCE: Claritas 2018

Ramsey County - Population Living at or Below 100% Federal Poverty Level by Race/Ethnicity
Total Population511,035547,974
All Ramsey County Residents <100% the Federal Poverty Level11%16%
American Indian23%36%
Two or more races24%26%
Of color26%30%

SOURCE: Claritas 2018